5 Elements to Warm Up a White Room

5 Elements to Warm Up a White Room

White paint gets a bad rap, am I right? It gets called stark, cold, and worst of all, boring. Someone came into my house the other day for the first time and the first thing she commented on was how warm, cozy, and inviting our space was. I practically wanted to jump in her arms I was so thankful for that compliment!
If you’re feeling like your white walls are a little stark, make sure you have these five elements in place and I bet your room will warm right up!


Call me crazy, but I truly think green is the new neutral. I like a botanical stem or tree such as an olive tree or eucalyptus branch. It breathes life into a space and adds color without feeling too bold.

Wood Accents

There are so many ways to bring wood tones into a space. From the floor, coffee table, accent chairs, even candlesticks on a mantel or a bowl on a shelf can add some pretty variation and another natural element to give a room a cozy vibe.


I like to mix several fabric types into a space, and a great way to do this is with throw blankets! They are such a great way to get dimension, and stacked on a ladder they are especially pretty to display!


My favorite way to bring patterns into a space is through pillows, and, plot twists, curtain panels! The panels in my living room are white with a very subtle pattern on them, and I think they add so much visual interest to the space that I wish I’d done something similar in other rooms! Other places to do this are pillows which are so easy to interchange, or, a rug! Aren’t you just in love with the vintage rug craze that is back!?


I think the best thing about white walls is the ability they have to make art pop off of them. You can go bold and colorful, or still subtle. Nonetheless, art brings so much life and character into a space and can be a way to weave more details about yourself into your home.
Take a look around your room and check on these five points – if you’re lacking one or a few, try to add them over time and you’ll be amazed at the results!

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